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to generally be at a loss → nicht mehr weiterwissen; we have been in a loss with this problem → wir stehen dem Trouble ratlos gegenüber; we're at a loss for how to proceed → wir wissen nicht mehr aus noch ein; to become in a loss to elucidate one thing → etw nicht erklären können; we've been at a loss to say why → wir haben keine Ahnung, warum; to get in a loss for phrases → nicht wissen, was guy sagen soll; he’s under no circumstances at a loss for words/an justification → er ist nie um Worte/eine Ausrede verlegen

As evidenced in Dragon Ball, Saiyans have an exceptionally eager feeling of odor. When Goku and Krillin are searhing for the rock that Roshi experienced thrown in to the jungle, Goku will be able to scent the rock which experienced Roshi's scent. Goku even claims his feeling of smell is comparable to that of the Pet's (which can be much superior to that of the human).[35] This later worked in opposition to him when he achieved Bacterian; due to the fact Bacterian had hardly ever bathed or brushed his tooth in his existence, the odor was so horrible that Goku virtually handed out.

[four] Seborrheic dermatitis, a affliction in which an too much amount of sebum is manufactured and builds up to the scalp (wanting like an adult cradle cap) is also a symptom of hormonal imbalances, as is an excessively oily or dry scalp. Both equally can result in hair thinning.

Notwithstanding his large indigenous presents and scholar-like attainments, there was an air relating to this younger minister -- an apprehensive, a startled, a half-frightened look -- as of a staying who felt himself really astray, and at a loss from the pathway of human existence, and will only be at simplicity in certain seclusion of his have.

Retaining the godly ability also results in the person's foundation and Super Saiyan types to be greatly enhanced from prior to. Super Saiyan 4

Saiyans are outwardly very similar to that of Human beings, aside from their monkey-like tails and have much larger muscular builds. They are commonly witnessed to obtain deep black hair Though there are actually unusual occasions if they have also been shown to own brown, blue and blonde hair (during the anime).

squandered, possessing no effect, on. The joke was shed on her. het daar niks aan nie مُضَيَّع، ضائِع، ليس له تأثير изхабен desperdiçado bez účinku na keinen Eindruck machen auf spilde που έχει πάει στράφι, χαραμισμένος no tener efecto mõjutu بی اثر بودن mennä hukkaan sans effet sur לְהִתבַּזבֵּז על- izgubljen, neučinkovit nem értette meg tanpa pengaruh fara fyrir ofan garð og neðan sprecato con, (senza effetto su) 효과가 없다 neveikiantis ko pazaudēts; bez ietekmes tiada kesan niet besteed aan bortkastet zmarnowany اثر نه لرل visit desperdiçado fără efect asupra пропасть даром nepôsobiť, neúčinkovať na iti mimo protraćen bortkastad เสียเปล่า boşa gitmiş 沒有作用,沒有影響 такий, що залишився без уваги بے نتیجہ رہنا không có tác dụng 对...不起作用

A Saiyan who achieves a amount of power at the level of gods turns into a "Saiyan further than God". Safety

While not as frequent as the loss of hair on The top, chemotherapy, hormone imbalance, varieties of hair loss, and various factors may also cause loss of hair during the eyebrows. Loss of growth while in the outer a single third of your eyebrow is usually connected with hypothyroidism. Synthetic eyebrows can be found to interchange missing eyebrows or to address patchy eyebrows.

paper loss - an unrealized loss on an expenditure calculated by subtracting The existing marketplace price tag with the investor's Expense

three. The damage or suffering because of losing or staying missing: The health practitioner's retirement is a wonderful loss to your Neighborhood.

The hair is collected in a transparent plastic bag for fourteen days. The strands are recorded. When the hair count is >a hundred/working day, it is considered irregular other than soon after shampooing, exactly where hair counts will probably be up to 250 and become usual.[citation needed]

We're in a loss to elucidate what is going on → Nous sommes incapables d'expliquer ce qui se passe.

Saiyans are viewed as Generally for being comparable in intelligence to humans. Goku's head trauma and sheltered childhood left him unenlightened about anything not about martial arts, while he step by step outgrows this as his instructors all stressed the values of brains more than brawn. Due to a Saiyan's toughness, their standard of cunning is generally downplayed, Until their energy is beneath ordinary, like Raditz. Most likely being a byproduct of their velocity and reflexes, Saiyans may also be abnormally quick learners, able to method large quantities of information within a constrained amount of time.

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